October 12,13,14, 2018
Scientific and Artistic Flamework
Free entry October 14, 2018 : 1 pm to 6pm

At « la Salle Feu de Camp »: 5 rue du port, 91350 Grigny. France.

With the support of the town of Viry-Châtillon.



  1. Présentation of «Feu de Camp»
  2. Usefull Information
  3. Viry Chatillon, a bit of history
  4. Accomodation
  5. Program
  6. Photo exhibition
  7. The guests
  8. «Free Flames»
  9. The open day for the public
  10. Sponsors
  11. Stands
  12. Organisers Prices and registrations


1) The place: the « Feu de Camp » field

The site of the “Feu de Camp”, the “Campfire field” in english, has a perfect name for our event. It is  an atypical place in a calm and relaxing location. Two buildings will be installed to receive tables and torches for the free flames sessions and will allow the establishment of demonstrations and presentations of our 9 guests. A second hangar will be installed to receive the suppliers and sponsors who will present and sell their products during the event.

A tent will be dedicated  to the exhibition and sellings of glass pieces realized by the AVCF members and guests. Another tent will be dedicated for people who will want to chill, take a drink and take some rest during the event.

Outside, the green space will allow us to install a dining area with the arrival of 2 Food trucks and also a camping zone where you will can set up your tent.

A few steps away, you will have access to the Lakes of Viry-Chtillon, however if you want to take a break in the afternoon before returning to the hotel otherwise, Paris is only a few minutes.

It is important to note that the site is equipped with toilets which also allow the coming of the disabled persons. Solar showers will be installed for the campers (bring yours if you can).

We look forward to see this place come alive by your presence, your passion and your positive energy!


2) Usefull Informations

Where to eat ?
Two food trucks come for 3 days, to provide sustenance between two flames. However you will findnear a Leclerc hypermarket.

Directions to the event? ADDRESS: 5 rue du Port, 91350 Grigny. « Salle feu de camp »

By car from Paris : Highway A6/ E15 direction Lyon, exit n°7 Viry-Châtillon.

SNCF railway network : (within 40 minutes from Paris) Gare de Lyon take RER D towards Corbeil-Essonnes. (8 stops after Gare de Lyon) Viry-Chatillon Station stop.
The station is served by trains from Paris to the RER line D. Remember to check the train stops before boarding, on the screens of information present on the platform.

Bus line : The station is also served by the DM5 line of the transport company Daniel Meyer and night, by the N135 and N144 lines Noctilien network.
Walking from the station: 23 min


3) Viry-Châtillon, a town, a partner.

Viry-Chatillon is a French town located twenty-one kilometers south of Paris in the Essonne department in the region Île-de-France. It is the capital of the canton of Viry-Chatillon and is included in the Grand Paris although it is not part of the
inner suburbs. Areas shared transmitted between illustrious families of the lordship, Viry-sur-Orge, the agricultural town on the road from Paris to Fontainebleau and Châtillon-sur-Seine, a village on the river merged in 1790. In the nineteenth century with a station on the new line of Villeneuve-Saint-Georges in Montargis, the town received in 1909 organized the first airfield in the world. If he does not lasted beyond the First World War, he allowed the fame of the town, who knew by the 1920s an important demographic development with the subdivision of the alluvial plain, worn by the major axis that was the State road 7. the town is known today for hosting the headquarters of the car racing team Renault F1 Team. Its inhabitants are called the Castelvirois.

For this second edition of the Symposium, the town offers two hangars located at the edges of lakes in Viry-Chatillon, the field of « le Feu de Camp » as well as material and human resources for the organization of this event.

The discovery of flints on the territory of the town is the first sign of activity in Viry. At the Gallo-Roman era, built on the present site of the old town, a villa owner called Verus, gives its name to the village Viry. In the seventeenth century, the Perrault family will own a castle in Viry, Claude Perrault become famous for the « colonades » at the Louvres and the Paris Observatory , Charles Perrault is also known for his famous stories.
In the early twentieth century,  an Aviation airfield base is the first created in the world. It is inaugurated in May 1909. The biggest names, Ferbe, Védrines, Roland Garros, Prégoud will perform the first flights there. It is from there
that the 18 ocotbre 1909, the share count Lambert of overflight Paris ….

3) Accomodation

We offer here a list of hotels located near our event to help you find a solution for your
accommodation on site. You can certainly find gites or airbnb rentals in the area.

Logis Hôtel des Lacs

19 Rue Octave Longuet, 91170 Viry-Châtillon


01 69 44 21 21

Hôtel Kyriad Viry-Châtillon

80 avenue du Général de Gaulle, 91 170 Viry-Châtillon

01 69 45 88 50



Hôtel Ibis Budget Viry-Châtillon

39/45 av. du Président Kennedy, 91178 Viry-Châtillon

08 92 68 31 96



Hôtel Première Classe Viry-Châtillon

80 avenue du Général de Gaulle, 91170 Viry-Châtillon

08 92 70 72 68



This year we suggest you to camp on the site for free and bring your own tent !


A space will be dedicated to the camping zone.

On site there will be sanitary WC and water.

2 Solars showers will be for the camping zone.



Photo Symposium 2016

OCTOBER 12th :

This first day will open with the intervention of 5 of our guests. Through a presentation they will expose their work and their approach in their respective fields then they will offer a demonstration to the participants. This year, the time of the free flames sessions is extended to allow everyone to work longer at the torch !

08h30                Welcome around a hot drink

09h00                Opening speech by the President of the Association Guillaume Thoraval

9h30-10h30     Mike Souza’s show (USA)

11 h-12h           Kieran Rowan’s show (UK)

12h-13h            Break for lunch

13h-14h            Julie Gonce (FR)

14h30-15h30   Roswitha Krebs Goldbecker & Nele Beckmann’s show (DE)

16h-20h            Free flames sessions and collaborative projects

OCTOBER 13th :

This day will be highlighted by the intervention of 4 of our guests of honor. They will present their work with a presentation tracing their history and then perform a demonstration. From 14h you can enjoy the event freely to discover and explore the stands of suppliers, the exhibition space and the relaxation area without forgetting the open flames!


8h30               Welcome around a hot drink

9h00-10h      Sandrine Keller’s show (FR)

10h- 11h        Martina Römer’s show (DE)

11h- 12h        Jean- Noël Vulcain’s show (FR)

12h 13h         Break for Lunch

13h 14h         Claudia Trimbur Pagel’s show (FR)

14h-19h         Free Flames and collaborative projects


OCTOBER 14th :Open to the public, free entry from 1pm to 6 pm

From 9:00 am and throughout the day, the members of the A.V.C.F and the guests will be able to enjoy the Free flames to complete their collaborative projects, continue to test glass and enjoy this unique moment to exchange ideas together.

At 11.40 am Closing speech by the President.

From 1 pm, the doors open to the public and until 6h a corner of flameworking demo will be animated by the members and the guests of the A.V.C.F

Visitors will discover the art of spinning glass beads, the sculpture of subjects but also the decorative and utilitarian art such as dishes or the art of blowing glass as is done in glassware during demonstrations but also by the exhibition / sale stand that will be installed for the occasion.

6 pm 7pm This year, the event will end with a lottery !


Glass Pictures Exhibition

During these three days devoted to glass lampwork, we have the honor to welcome the work of two American artists Danny Wilson and Patrick Long who will exhibit respectively a series of photographs around the glass in a whole new look.

Patrick Long : Growing up on the beach in Southern California gave Patrick a lot of beautiful things to put in front of his camera lens, but it wasn’t until he purchased a borosilicate marble from Miles Parker that he realized what was missing from the glass worlds photography.

Focusing on a fine art perspective within the art of Lampworking Patrick is able to capture details in glass often overlooked by the naked eye. Incorporating macro photography and marbles creates mesmerizing photographs that give a whole new side to the art of borosilicate.

More of his work can be seen on Instagram at @pl_expsoures

Danny Wilson has always been sensitive to art and has worked on several occasions in the performance of various artistic projects. Only after receiving a prize won at auction, he discovered glass and more specifically the art of Marble maing. He quickly realized that a myriad of details were locked within them, representing the world in miniature. It was at that time that he fell in love with the glass. In wanting to share his look, he instinctively turned to photography.

For him each photographic session is an opportunity to discover a whole new world. This is why he prefers to use macro photography. By focusing his look on an internal portion of a glass marble,  different visual takes shape so that even the artist who made the piece in sometimes not recognized his work! He thus creates small worlds of little worlds that seem so vast and limitless as that which one surrounds us.

Through his work so special, it was given to him to take pictures of pieces of glass all over the world, which for him is a privilege and an honor to work with the best artists that transforms the glass lampwork .

Find Danny Wilson on Facebook and Instagram @sagasha to discover his work.


Guests and demonstrations


Mike Souza (USA) : Scientific glassblowing

It has been noted that if you were to list 20 of the most significant scientific experiments in history, 15 of them used glass as the primary material. Without the skills of the people to manipulate this material, our present world would be quite different. Mike Souza is internationally recognized as one of the top scientific glassblowers working in cutting edge research, He began his career in 1973 as an apprentice at Kontes / Martin Glass in Evanston, IL. For the past 26 years he has been the scientific glassblower at Princeton University and has consulted and worked for research institutes across the world. Souza is a Past President of the American Scientific Glassblowers Society. He manages and edits the ASGS Facebook site and has authored dozens of publications that have appeared in Glass & Scientific Journals and has been a lecturer demonstrator at Corning Museum of Glass, GAS, IFC and numerous universities across the USA.


Kieran Rowan (UK) : sculpture and miniature

Kieran Rowan is also known as Establish Glass Art UK or @establish_glass_art_uk
on Instagram. He discovered the work of glassblower watching a documentary entitled « Degenerate Art » that literally changed his life. After this event, he spends his free time trying to meet glassmakers in the UK, hoping to bring them together one day. Fast forward, 5 years have passed, Kieran has learned to blow the glass. Although working the glass was hard, as his technique improved, so did his confidence. He then focused on his glass more than ever and continued to explore the areas he loved most in the world of glass including sculpture and gradually he transposed his know-how to pendants and all kinds of ‘objects.

Very inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and the hidden symbols of his work, his current artistic approach revolves around the power of symbols to influence society with his Art and thus convey positive and powerful messages. He then develops the famous pendant of the mask « Anonymous » to denounce certain situations around the world and spread love and consciousness around him.

Finally, Kieran and his friends created a glassmaking team called  » Love Glass Crew ». They are now organizing an amazing annual event called « Borofest » which brings together glassmakers from all over the UK! Kieran has had a lot of ups and downs, but he does not regret the bad times because it has taken him to some of the most enjoyable and incredible moments of his life as a glassblower.


Julie Gonce (FR) : Artistic Glass

Since 1997, Julie lives with glass.
She practices this profession, steeped in history, respecting the traditions and know-how that have been passed on to her.
At the origin of all his creations, there is constantly the pleasure of the flame and molten glass.
His experience in industry and craftsmanship has taught him perseverance, the requirement of quality and series production. Julie uses these series to take the torch glass to other horizons. She mounts her sculptures by assembling a multitude of blown or spun glass elements. She likes to play the accumulation. Associated by sewing wood, earth, metal or any other material, the glass highlights a hidden dimension, expresses the emotion of his universe. The glass is at the heart of the work, it vibrates inside, it is his soul. This technique makes visible the invisible …

« The originality of these accumulations allows me to create unique sculptures, without limit of size. Nature is its source of inspiration, escape, and fulfillment. »Julie Gonce


Roswitha Krebs Goldbecker & Nele Beckmann (DE) : Scientific Glassblowing

Roswitha Krebs Goldbecker was born in 1963 in Düsseldorf, Germany. In 1984 she began her apprenticeship as a glassblower specializing in scientific glassware at the University
« Ruhr-Universität-Bochum ». She was then employed in a small laboratory trading company in Krefeld and since 1990 she has been responsible for the glass-blowing workshop at the University of Bremen where she began a continuous master craftsman training.

In 1994 Roswitha passed the exam for the « Master Craftsmans Diploma » in scientific glassware at the chamber of crafts of Düsseldorf. Since 2005 she has been working with a colleague glassmaker Frank Fleischer with whom she works for all departments and faculties of the University of Bremen, natural sciences as well as research departments in engineering and construction. My job is to repair or make bespoke glass appliances for the University’s scientific community.

Nele Beckmann, Scientific glassblower and restorer of archaeological objects, was born in 1984. In 2000 she began her apprenticeship as a glassblower specializing in scientific glassware at the University of Bielefeld. After graduating in 2003 Nele decided to do internships in the field of archaeological conservation at the Römisch-Germanisches-Zentralmuseum in Mainz. Back in blown glass in 2010, she obtained a job at the University of Bielefeld as a glassmaker. His work at the University involves the repair and construction of complex glass apparatus and high-vacuum devices for laboratories in the faculties of chemistry, biology and physics.

In 2015 she starts a master craftsman training at the SBSZ in Ilmenau and is appointed master craftsman in 2017. Nele appreciates the exchange with her colleagues and regularly takes part in the annual meeting of the German Association of glassblowers. She recently took part in the Erasmus + staff mobility program in June 2018 and was able to work for a week at Aarhus University alongside her colleague Jens Christian Kondrup.



Sandrine Keller (FR) : Scientific Flameworking

Originally from Alsace, Sandrine Keller has been a glassblower for 19 years and is passionate about her job. After studying glassware with a cane and a two-year experience as a glassblower in a crystal factory, Sandrine decided to continue her torch-glovering studies at the Lycée Dorian in Paris, the only public school in France to offer a diploma of glassmakers specialized in glassmaking. She then worked at the company Pylones where she made utility objects and jewelry for 8 years. His experience and seriousness led him to be appointed responsible for the supervision and training of some glassmakers employed at Pylones.

Asked by her former teacher Mr. Boutry of Dorian High School, Sandrine then applied for a glassblower job specializing in glass-to-metal welding. For the past 4 years, she has been creating complex parts for a subcontractor in the aeronautics, space, defense, nuclear and medical sectors of the CTVM company based in France in the city of Collégien.


Martina Römer (DE) : Glass Beadmaking

Martina is a graphic designer and glassblower in Berlin, Germany. She began working on flame in 2007. She was immediately fascinated by this medium and attracted by torch work. With several great artists like Liane Jähde, Jim Smircich, Loren Stump, Ayako Hattori, Dora Schubert, Kristina Logan and Holly Cooper, she learned a lot about techniques but also about the importance of developing an artistic voice. Martina’s style is characterized by colors, transparency, depth, but also by her love for patterns and points, which are recurring elements in her work.

Jean- Noël Vulcain (FR) : Artistic Glass Flameworking

The first artistic vocation of Jean-Noël was drawing with a diploma of the school Emile Cohl obtained in 2009. It is in 2011 that he discovered the work of the glass with the flame. Fascinated by the possibilities offered by this process, he wanted to perfect himself by going to meet other glassmakers. He has done internships with French and foreign craftsmen recognized in their profession sometimes even worldwide. These meetings allowed Jean-Noël to discover various techniques, such as the production of pearls of art or the blown glass torch.Il works mainly borosilicate glass which allows him to have a finesse in the details close to a sculpture in earth or wax. He also works with soda-lime glass for smaller subjects or for making pearls of art.

His artistic training, focused on academic techniques, naturally led him to the realization of figurative sculptures. At a younger age, he was marked by the work of artists like John Howe, Olivier Ledroit, J-B Monge and James Christensen. That’s why part of his work is influenced by the fantasy world. Another part finds its influences on the side of the painters and sculptors of the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Jean-Noël likes to immerse himself in the animal world of Rembrandt Bugatti or in the expression of the bodies of Gustav Vigeland and Auguste Rodin; admire the languid women of the paintings by William Bouguereau, the rogue sketches of Toulouse Lautrec; Traveling across the Atlantic with Edward Hopper or J.C.Leyendecker and from time to time return to the present and admire the work of his contemporaries such as Lorenzo Mattotti, Karl Martens, Richard MacDonald, Christophe Charbonnel, Jose Maria David …  »

Claudia Trimbur Pagel (FR) : Glass Beadmaking

After studying Fine Arts in Germany, Claudia worked for 10 years as a graphic designer in the Paris region. Having left this area for the North, she discovered the glass beads quite by chance while looking for mosaic supplies. She began as an autodidact with a torch kindly lent by her husband. Claudia went on to do internships with Gunnar Haag, Tina Spitzenfeil, Akihiro Ohkama and Sarah Hornik to perfect his techniques and deepen his knowledge.

For Claudia glass is an exciting and magical material, a challenge and a wonder that occurs every time she installs herself with the torch. She tries to reflect the pleasure she finds there in her pearls, whether they are transparent, opaque, iridescent or even colored.

In 2015 she obtained the title of one of the Best Workers of France, in the field of the pearl of art.

Free Flames Sessions

As every year, 15 to 20 torches will be made available to participants wishing to make one or more pieces during the event. Free time we call in the Symposium « Free Flames » punctuate the two private days to allow each visitor to try to the maximum, tools, torches or glass, made available by our sponsors and by the Association. Several types of torches will be installed,  internal mix & external mix:
CFG and LEFEVRE brand French blowtorches, MIEMA brand blow-torches and NORTEL , GTT and more … !

The A.V.C.F strongly encourages collaborative projects during the event. Although the Association and the sponsors provide equipment, it is still advisable to come with its tools, its favorite color glass and protective glasses. Be sure, however, to mark your material to avoid accidental exchanges.

AVCF would like all the pieces made during the event to be kept at the end of the event by the association in order to allow a possible enhancement of the creations or an auction in order to raise funds for the Association and develop it.
We will make pictures of the pieces after the symposium, in order to keep a digital trace of your know-how. If you want the association to identify you on your achievements, we advise you to take a picture of your achievements during the event and send us an email later, in order to help the team to list this.

Open day to the public

This year, the Association decided to hold the two private days for professionals and fans of flameworking  in order to preserve the concept of this unique event of its kind in France and to continue to promote interdisciplinary the event, through demonstrations, conferences and free flames sessions, but also through different poles of our activities such as manufacturers and suppliers.

However, the Association wishes to take advantage of this highlighting of flameworking in our Country to promote it and its domains to the general public.  This is why a third day open to the public is organized again this year. This day will be free of access for all visitors from 13h to 18h. They will have the opportunity to attend the demonstrations but also discover and buy the work of our members and guests in a pole provided for this purpose.

This exhibition / sale will be held on the same site of the Symposium, at the “feu de camp” field on the edge of the Viry-Châtillon lakes. It will take place on Sunday October 14 from 1pm to 6pm.

The exhibition / sales stand will be held by the Association’s volunteers in the form of a roll, in order to guarantee the safety of exhibits and to make sales. In this way, symposium participants who also wish to sell a few pieces will be able to continue to participate in the open flames for a whole day!
Exhibitors undertake not to sell goods that are not made by themselves and that are not made at torch or that the work of the glass torch intervenes at least in one stage of the making of achievements. The number of pieces per person will be limited to allow everyone to get space on the stand.



Verrerie de Laboratoire Chenu

Messer (France)

Schott (France)

Novair Oxyplus (France)

Miema (Belgique)

Glassworks France (France)

Trautman Art Glass (USA)

L’Âge du Verre (France)

Hobby France (France)

Glassgoths (France)

Verresatine (France)

Jbach (France)

Adam Pyrométrie


Hermieu Iprint Solutions


Stands, manufacturers, suppliers

At the event,  suppliers, distributors, manufacturers will be present to offer their products. It will be an opportunity to meet them, to see and perhaps test what they offer for sale on their website. The Association will also have a booth and reserves a few surprises !



ORGANIZATION : Associations des Verriers au Chalumeau de France (A.V.C.F)

Flameworking is a profession that brings together two major areas, scientific and artistic glassblowing.  Created by Guillaume Thoraval with the founding members in January 18, 2014 in Paris, The A.V.C.F’s primary goal is the creation of a representative cohesive and active community of our profession and its different areas.

The A.V.C.F main objective is to make known and promote glass flameworking in all its areas of activity while working on the valuation and development of our manual and technological expertise.

The other major goal of AVCF is to revitalize our community by facilitating meetings, exchanges and sharing between actors from different areas of our profession and  the organization of events or through an online discussion forum on Facebook and a Youtube channel, always with the objective of fostering interaction in a climate of mutual personal and professional enrichment.

The A.V.C.F defends the interests of french flameworkers and representation them in any private or public administrations.

Can join the A.V.C.F all flameworkers of France, artistic or scientific, private or public, to all those interested in flameworking and who wish to support the actions of the Association.

President: Guillaume Thoraval
General Secretary: Nathalie Crottaz
Secondary secretary : Régine Vaxelaire
Treasurer: Jerôme Lamiable

Members of the Board: Eric Le Dref, Emilie Thomas, Marc Jaquier, Guillaume Hussong


Mail : associationavcf@gmail.com

Site internet : www.avcfrance.com

Facebook group AVCF : https://www.facebook.com/groups/Verriers.au.chalumeau.de.france/

Youtube : Association des Verriers au Chalumeau de France

Instagram : @avcfrance


SYMPOSIUM : Prices and registration

The A.V.C.F offers several rates to participate in the event, one for members and one for non-members. It’s never too late to join the Association, do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to visit the website: www.avcfrance.com
A price for children under 26 is also available


1st et 2sd Symposium International du Verre à la Flamme

Prices friday12 saturday 13 friday and saturday sunday 14
A.V.C.F MEMBERS 20 € 20 € 40 € FREE
NON MEMBERS 30 € 30 € 60 € FREE
MOINS DE 26 ANS 15 € 15 € 30 € FREE

Freeflames, members only


Membership in the Association 2018: 40 €
Renewal of membership: 35 €
Adhesion under 26 years old: 30 €
Online membership via https://avcfrance.com/about/adherer/



This year the team of the Association des Verriers Chalumeau de France, offers its members and guests of honor to exhibit and sell their pieces, as part of a collective stand. The team and its volunteers will be responsible for monitoring and selling the exhibits throughout the day open to the public.
The members of the A.V.C.F as well as the guests, will be able to take advantage of the open flames to continue their collaborative projects or their personal explorations.

The Association will take a 15% commission on each sale. For more informations, please refer to the registration form available on the website.

Non-members will not have access this day to open flames, but will enjoy the exhibition and demonstrations planned and hosted by members and guests of honor.